Annoucing - Nielsen Commercial Watermarking Software Tool

Low cost and easy to use option for Post Production studios


Santa Cruz, CA – 17 October 2017 – PixelTools today announced the incorporation of Nielsen Commercial Watermark technology into its popular MPEGRepairHD encoding/reprocessing software tool.  This updated tool works with the Nielsen license dongle to embed watermarks into broadcast commercials that allow them to be detected and analyzed. The subsequent Nielsen global performance analytics provide advertisers with invaluable feedback on the success of their campaigns.

“This new update empowers post production houses to do the complete watermarking and metadata creation on their content during the encoding and captioning processes,” commented Mark Conover, CTO of PixelTools.

PixelTools produces and publishes a broad line of video processing software utilities along with the best selling MPEGRepairHD that will encode, decode, analyze and edit MPEG, AVC, and HEVC streams and Expert-Caption that easily insets closed captions into video streams.

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