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Nielssen commercial watermarking

Insert Nielsen Commercial Watermarking into broadcast content

PixelTools’ MPEGRepairHD now includes the capability to insert and verify Nielsen Commercial Watermarking in commercial content. This facilitates the tracking and monitoring of the broadcasting of commercials using Nielsen Corporation's extensive global performance analytical capabilities.

Watermark Insertion  

MPEGRepairHD, along with your licensed Nielsen USB dongle, accomplishes the complete end to end watermarking process. The new Nielsen dialog in MPEGRepairHD allows you to enter the required meta data for each audio file to be watermarked. Depressing the Run button causes the proprietary watermarks to be added to the audio channels and the relevant meta data to be stored in Nielsen xml files. The output of the process is a watermarked audio file ready for broadcast and a zip file containing meta data and signature files ready to be uploaded to the Nielsen server.

Configuration dialogue

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MPEGRepairHD can process all audio .wav files in your selected folder.  The associated meta-data for each audio file is obtained from a spreadsheet .csv file. You can designate a specific folder to store all of the output watermarked audio files and another folder for the output meta-data .zip files.  You can also designate a prefix to be appended to all watermarked file names.    .

Csv file

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MPEGRepairHD Nielsen Watermarking can also be run in the command shell batch mode allowing you to automatically process multiple files and/or folders of files all without human intervention. Associated meta-data for each watermarked file is obtained from a spreadsheet .csv file.  The batch mode enables easy integration with other programs running in the batch mode without the need for software programing. 

Analysis tool from PixelTool

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Watermark Insertion:

  • Inserts Nielsen N6 and N2-HF watermarking into audio tracks of commercials.
  • Approved for 10, 15, and 30 sec commercials.
  • Supports 2, 6, and 8 audio channels of 16 or 24 bit audio
  • Provides user input of commercial meta data.
  • Outputs zip file containing meta data and watermark signatures for direct upload to Nielsen server.
  • Can accomplish fully automated watermarking of batches of files driven by a .CSV file

Inputs user entered meta data:

  • Advertiser Name
  • Advertiser ID
  • Agency Name
  • Agency ID
  • Asset ID
  • Brand Name
  • Brand ID
  • Client Media Name
  • Client ID
  • Commercial Distributor
  • Content Duration
  • Server IP Address
  • Folder to save meta data
  • Optional output wave file suffix

Watermark Analysis:

  • Displays detected N2 and N6 watermark file times, SID, Band, channel, and TIC.
  • Display can be saved as a user defined text file.
  • Generates signature and log files for each detected channel and saves them in the user define folder.

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