Tech Tips - Content Advisory (V-Chip/Parental Control)


PixelTools’ products can add Content Advisory codes and flags to your video during MPEG encoding and also into existing MPEG video streams. Motion Picture Association (MPA), Television, Canadian English, and Canadian French ratings are supported. Five Parental Guideline flags can be selected in the Television system.

Demo of Content Advisory

Download the demo to obtain a demo version of MPEGRepairHD that is configured to automatically add Content Advisory information during encoding.

Unzip the demo file into a directory and run the Advisory.bat file to launch the demo. The demo will automatically add the MPA: PG-13 rating during encoding.  You can view the resultant user_data in the MPEGRepairHD decode statistics window.

Adding Content Advisory via MPEGRepairHD

The content advisory code, specific to your source video, can be added to elementary video user_data during encoding with MPEGRepairHD or ExpertHD.  MPEGRepairHD can also insert your selected user_data with content advisory to an existing stream using the Decode | Fix option.

During Encoding
Check the Optimize Encode | Configure | Line 21 | Add XDS Flags option to cause user_data to be added to picture headers during encoding.  Select your desired MPA or TV rating.   Set up the other relevant encoding parameters and run the encoder to cause your selected Content Advisory to be added to the stream.

v-chip configure

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To an existing MPEG stream

Select your elementary video stream that you wish to insert content advisory flags into in the MPEG Decode “File to Decode or Analyze” edit box.  Then check the Decode | Configure |  Fix Stream |  Insert XDS Flags and  select the MPA or TV Advisory option most appropriated to your content.  Enter the name of your resultant file in the “Save Fixed File” edit box and depress the Decode Run on the GUI.   Your selected file will have XDS user_data added at appropriate intervals and the resultant video file will be saved as the “Save Fixed File”.

vchip screen
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Adding Content Advisory with Expert WorkShop SDK

The following advisory enumeration values can be use:

typedef enum {
            ADVISORY_NONE = 0,
} ptool_XDS_Advisory_Type;

During Encoding

Set your desired enumeration option:
int XdsAdvisory;
of the

Running ExpEncodeNextFrame for the length of the video will cause the selected advisory beacons to be added to the elementary user data every 3 seconds.

To an existing stream

Set the parameter:
  int XdsAdvisory;
in the ExpDecFix_str with your enumerated video advisory.

Enable the
bool DecodeFix
bit and set your output file name in the
char DecodeFixName[400];
in the ExpDecFix_str.

Running the ExpDecodeNextFrame for the length of your source video will cause your ExpDecFix stream to have your selected Advisory flags set.

MPEGRepairHD and ExpertHD can add content advisory flags as specified in the CEA-608 closed captioning specification.  The flags are in the extended data and inserted in user_data of elementary video streams. The CEA-608 data is wrapped in an SCTE-21 layer and an ATSC layer.  The flags will be inserted every 3 seconds of video data.  One and only one of the following advisory options can be selected.

Television options:

Motion Picture Association options:
 MPA: PG-13
 MPA: NC-17
 USA TV-14
 Can Eng E
 Can Eng C
 Can Eng C8
 Can Eng G
 Can Eng PG
 Can Eng 14+
 Can Eng 18+
 Can Eng Fr E
 Can Eng Fr C
 Can Eng Fr 8 ans+
 Can Eng Fr 13 ans+
 Can Eng Fr16 ans+
 Can Eng Fr 18 ans+

Selecting the “none” options disables the addition of the advisory beacons.

The following Content Labels are also supported:
V (Violence)  This also adds the FV fantasy violence flag for children’s programming.
D (suggestive Dialog; usually about sex)
L (coarse or crude Language)
S (Sexual situations)


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